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How to Organize a Small Wedding

Many couples find familiar things in the finer details when it comes to choosing between a traditional wedding and an elopement wedding. Those who may have opted for a “traditional” wedding can breathe a sigh of relief when they discover that an “elopements wedding” does not necessarily equate to a guest list of zero and a hasty theme.

Determine the Location

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Some couples have set their hearts on a particular location that cannot host a big party. Others want to keep it very small, so they can enjoy their wedding day and not have to entertain a large group of people. Couples who opt for an intimate rather than a larger wedding are usually financially motivated and want to focus on the small details of their wedding day.

Number of Guests

A small intimate wedding can pink wedding cardshave a very similar feel to an elopement and allow your loved ones to be present on your special day. If you think you will later regret not having your loved ones by your side on your wedding day, it’s probably not for you. As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages, but for both elopements and intimate weddings, there is a particular advantage that you may want to consider when deciding what type of wedding day best suits you and why.

Traditional or Elopement

marry love romanceEloping may seem like the easiest way to a wedding, but that doesn’t mean it’s so in many ways. If organizing a big event with many different elements is your idea of a nightmare, you have to deal with your wedding planner and delegate everything to him or think about how you imagine it. Giving up a big, traditional wedding doesn’t necessarily mean skipping the ceremony and reception entirely to celebrate the occasion. Sometimes fleeing couples want a smaller, more intimate wedding with just a few friends and family members. There’s little to consider about your wedding in an elopement if it’s just you and a few people (or a dozen) who witness a couple getting married.

For example, you might still want to plan to exchange rings and vows and opt for a wedding – like the dress, no matter how casual. If your elopement reception is identical to a traditional wedding reception, then you don’t have to. Separating the reception from the actual wedding day takes a lot of pressure off the event, and you can have more fun.

Bottom Line

Many brides and grooms are adventurous and want to go against the traditional wedding at various points in wedding planning. An elopement is a surprise wedding where a couple invites their loved ones to a wedding that turns out to be a real wedding.…